About Us

Here at MINISTRY OF COFFEE, we believe in community, quality & value. 

We are the only Australian Coffee Company globally who roasts 100% of our blends in Sydney and exports to the USA & around the world, we are proud to be MINISTRY OF COFFEE – Australian Coffee Roasters.

Our exceptional Signature Series Coffee is always our driver as we are a MOC! We take our responsibility of being one of the most important people you see as you head in to work or school very seriously. Our passion is to bring something special to your day and to bring a smile to your face.

At MOC we pride ourselves on creating delicious yet healthy conscious menus. Where possible we locally direct from the farm gate or from small business owners but always focusing on in season & local produce to create amazing meals options that do not break the bank or waistline. From our Nourished product line served at every Ministry of Coffee to our signature meals and snacks, everything is 100% made in store on site at every location.

Together our goal is to make every experience at MOC, to be remember as part of your home away from home and we are not delivering this then we are not doing what we promise.