Ministry Of Coffee

Founded in 2014 in Sydney Australia and Istanbul in Turkey, MINISTRY OF COFFEE is a boutique café experience.

Delivering exceptional signature coffee, and delicious food in community-focused locations around Sydney and Los Angeles – Ministry of Coffee is a place where coffee lovers, foodies, friends, and families can come and relax, unwind, and each other's company.

MINISTRY OF COFFEE was founded by Australian and Turkish friends, with a foundation built on the ancient Turkish coffee ritual and integrated with our relaxed Australian coffee culture.

MINISTRY OF COFFEE believes taking the time out for a coffee is a celebration, a time to come together, and a time to be part of the community.

  • Order Online

    Get our cuisines delivered to your doorstep, and have the taste of our offerings in the comfort of your house.

  • Gifts And Caterings

    We would love to cater your fun parties or deliver a special token of love to your colleagues, friends ,and family.

  • Our Stores

    Walk into our stores and feel at your home, order your favorite food and enjoy with your friends.

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A Signature Blend that has evolved over the past 20 years – we ARE a Ministry of Coffee.


A relaxed Australian culture of a home away from your home – this is our promise at every site.


Becoming part of the community, and becoming a local are strong Turkish traits and we pride ourselves on being part of the community DNA.

Around the globe, we are simply known as MOC

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